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West Vancouver Fire Department | Fire Safety Plan

Official Community Plan Review

This is to be completed by 2018 and it is an ongoing program being tapped into to increase society’s wellbeing and safety. The Official Community Plan Review is about shaping the future of West Vancouver: how housing needs can be met, where shops, services and community facilities are located, how the people are able to move around, how they can protect the environment and how the community responds to climate change. A number of different actions are proposed to make the community a better place to live. However, one of the most important of these include a revamp of the fire safety plan so as to integrate newer concepts and technologies that help to prioritize the safety of the citizens. For this purpose, West Vancouver Fire and Safety Services have necessitated a Fire Safety Plan for all commercial and non-commercial property.

Fire Safety Plan & Pre-Incident Plan Program


However, engaging deeper into this proposed action plan, we observe that West Vancouver Department of Fire and Rescue Services is seeking to implement a program to ensure that Fire Safety Plan requirements for specified occupancy classes of buildings are met.  A standard for the format and content of Fire Safety Plans & Pre-Incident Plans has been so far established. Residential and commercial property will be required to update their previous plans or develop new plans so that they may adhere to these new established standards which have been upgraded in a manner that ensure maximum safety and security of human life in the face of such events. In addition, a new pre-incident plan is also being created in order to update existing plans to meet these standards. All this is solely being done to protect the safety and wellbeing of the citizens who are given utmost priority in any proposed action taken up.

What is a Fire Safety Plan?

A fire safety plan is a proposed guide which contains essential information and safety protocol for each affected building and property in the event that a fire takes place. The purpose such a document is created beforehand is to ensure that safety procedures are known to everyone in a certain context or setting so that they know exactly how to react should such an unfortunate incidence arise. It is to ensure the safety of human lives and protection in all cases as this is the top most priority of such a plan. The British Columbia Fire Code necessitates certain properties, based on building use or occupancy type, to create and maintain a Fire Safety Plan because they are responsible for the lives of the numerous people that work there. Now that the standards have been updated, all firms, organizations and residential communities also need to conform to these standards so that maximum safety protocol can be implemented.

What is a Pre-Incident Plan?


Fire, being an unforeseen event, requires proper planning and an established emergency procedure beforehand. A Pre-Incident Plan is a site plan of a building and property that will be used by the district’s firefighters. It should hence be such that ensures their safety and protection. West Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services requires a Pre-Incident Plan to be submitted along with the Fire Safety Plan. This shall include all evacuation routes, emergency exits and the rules that need to be followed in case of such an emergency. The District of West Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services has composed the legal specifications in a detailed document which entails all of the requirements of a proper pre-incident fire safety plan. These specifications need to be met by all residential, commercial, industrial and other types of properties in the district for their maximum safety and protection. This includes following the proper measurements of the landscape, orientation, pertinent symbols etc. as well as additional requirements such as the location of hazardous materials, designated fire lane access, location of all building sites and at least a minimum of 2 streets mentioned on the plan.
All of these details will help ensure that the premises is safety friendly. Hence, all property needs to confine to the requirements of this document so as to ensure that a proper protocol can be developed and followed, should such an emergency ever occur. Buildings need to be safe and a proper evacuation channel should always be in place which needs an emergency exit.

Program Timeline

West Vancouver Fire and Safety Department has issued some property owners an order to update their Fire Safety Plan because of an inadequate plan previously submitted or because of the need to adhere to the new requirements reinstated in the Fire Safety Plan. These property owners (mostly those with occupancies over 60) must have a Fire Safety Planning Service provider of their choosing submit a letter of intent to West Vancouver Fire & Rescue by the end of this calendar year. This letter of intent requires an in-writing submission that the new Fire Safety Plan and Pre-Incident Plan will be submitted and also the date by when it will be submitted needs to be mentioned which should be no later than December 31st, 2018.

What is a Construction Fire Safety Plan?

A Construction Fire Safety Plan, abbreviated as C-FSP, is a plan aimed at all those sites that are currently or will soon be under construction, alteration, demolition or renovation. This would particularly address the safety concerns of these regions. This includes aims to regard the protection of life and property, fire hazard controls and safety procedures. Hence, these sites which linger to be just as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than other already established property sites also require a proper emergency plan design.


Which Buildings Require Fire Safety Plans, Pre-Incident Plans or Construction Fire Safety Plans?

The British Columbia Fire Code outlines certain occupancies that are required to develop a Fire Safety Plan in cooperation with the fire department. These are referred to in section of the BC Fire Code which highlights the parameters which would necessitate the requirement of a Fire Safety Plan.
It states that Fire Emergency procedures are necessary for all buildings with an assembly i.e. care, treatment or detention occupancy. This refers to all those service providing units such as salons. Also, all those buildings required by the British Columbia Building Code to have a fire alarm system such as multiple story buildings and large manufacturing sites. Construction Fire Safety Plans are imperative in all construction sites. Apart from that, storage units which are fully closed, places where flammable products are used and areas where hazardous processes and operations occur, all require a Fire Safety Plan in accordance to the law.


Why is a Fire Safety Plan Important to You?

Safeguarding the value of human life is important and it all begins with good planning on an individual’s part. Conforming to the requirements of state serve not only its needs, but your own needs to stay safe and free from risk of injury and harm. Whether you’re the owner of a building, simply manage one or are in the process of building one, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of all the people who work or live there. In order to reduce the risk of damage and prevent emergencies, it is important that you develop a proper Fire Safety Plan as well as a Pre-Incident Plan to safeguard all the building occupants from chances of potential harm.


Knowing that there’s a fire safety plan in place, makes residents and workers confident and familiar with the protocol they need to adhere to in an emergency. It helps people follow a procedure that is predeveloped because in case of such an incidence, people will be looking to evacuate the building as soon as possible. The key to a successful fire evacuation is to ensure that no one is hurt and that each person is aware of exactly where to go during the emergency and all exits are accessible.

Planning, already being a necessary legal requirement for every building manager and owner, good planning and a properly created Fire Safety Plan and Pre-Incident Plan can help to reduce the tensions associated if such an issue ever arises. It will help to calm down the people panicking, help to prevent injuries and make sure that all occupants are in a more safe and certain situation.


Why is it Important for Firefighters to have Up-to-Date Fire Plan

The most important role in any emergency situation is played by firefighters. It is necessary for them to report to the emergency on time so that they can rescue everyone in threat of being hurt by a fire and put it out. Nothing is worse than the heat and smoke being coupled with the loud noise and lightweight construction techniques that fail rapidly under such conditions. This can lead to further harm and danger.


The firemen should readily know how and where the business can be accessed from in case of an emergency, where all the hydrants are located and are they informed of where all the toxic and flammable toxics are. Making the procedure streamlined, it helps the implementation of an effective by making the decision making process easier for the commanders by contemplating in advance, the way to approach a place in danger and in need of urgent rescue. The probability of success of any emergency operation is greatly increased by retrieving information beforehand and creating a contingent plan. They help cater to needs of improvising at the time of an emergency and this helps in the smooth managing of personnel who can use the resources available to them to help others out of a crises situation. Keeping a documented version of all the possibilities of hazardous locations and preparing possible evacuation procedures, the chances of a successful outcome increases greatly.


Where should your Plan be Located?

For the purpose of setting up a proper, accessible and informed location of the Fire Safety Plan, we have created the idea of an Operations Box. This will be located at any particular place installed by the building units which can be accessed by anyone easily and quickly at any time required. West Vancouver Fire and Safety Department will approve of the location themselves. The Operations Box must be secured with a padlock, with a spare key and lock inside and will be labelled Fire Safety Plan on the front of the box so that people know for sure they have the right plan. The copies of the plan will be distributed amongst the owners, owners authorized agents and their appointed fire safety directors.


Fees & Charges

$150 will be charged by West Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services will be charged for the first 2 hours of review. After the first 2 hours, each additional hour will be charged at $150.
The review and approval process for Construction Fire Safety Plans is included in the Development Plan Review fee. Additional fees will not be charged for the purpose of review of Construction Fire Safety Plans.

How to Produce your Plans (Forms) – Where we Step in!

West Vancouver has made it known that it will only accept the well-defined, quality based Fire Safety Plans and Pre-Incident Programs of professional fire safety planning services. This is the purpose we fulfill at ‘Get Fire Plan’.

Being one of the most crucial and legitimately essential aspects for any building owner or manager, we have hired experts in the field who have a vast range of knowledge and the trained expertise in architectural construct and design. Moreover, their credibility in the aspect of fire safety and management of evacuation and protocol for emergency situations is remarkable. We only hire the best of the best talent in the market and hence our expertise is profound and unswerving.

Our team of professionals follow the exact guidelines provided by the West Vancouver Fire District for the construction of the Fire Safety Program, Pre-Incident Plan and Construction Fire Safety Plan. We have been providing the most professional, comprehensive safety plans in Western Canada since a number of years. This has made us a trusted option for many and we have always tried to keep our customers satisfied and go beyond their expectations in producing plans that will keep them safe and secure in the state of contingencies and unplanned events that may be dangerous for them. General contractors, building owners, property managers and developers trust us to customize fire safety plans as well as develop them from scratch for all types of buildings such as: hospitals, residential, commercial and recreational buildings.


They may be high rise or low rise structures, small scale setups or large multi-building complexes. Whatever te type of building, we have tailored solutions fit just for you and your unique needs.

We have 1 aim: to become the most trusted fire protection company in B.C. Hence, we especially ensure that whatever plan we draft, it is in line with the requirements and standards specified by the West Vancouver Fire Safety Department. We have ensured that every plan created by us adheres to the specifications of B.C. and Alberta Fire Codes and municipal bylaws. This has enabled us to develop the good reputation that we are proud of as people associate us with consistent and accurate work.

Our mission is to provide you with the most optimal and well suited plans met for every condition that can arise. Hence, we take the initiative to collaborate with your local fire department for their approvals.

We understand that the new requirements of the Vancouver Fire Safety department call for the revamp of the plans of many property holdings. For this purpose, we prioritize your deadlines and work towards creating the perfect plan within the limited time capacity provided to us. However, this does not mean that the quality of the plan ever drops. We take the guarantee of approval by the Vancouver Fire Safety Department so that you can be issued an occupancy permit. We meet our deadlines so that you can meet yours.

How we prepare a Fire Safety Plan

The procedure used by us to prepare the perfect fire safety plan to best suit your needs in done through a refined, transparent process which caters to the purpose of upholding your safety needs. To begin with, the first thing that needs to be done is for us to set up a meeting for consultation and discuss your fire safety planning requirements. Next, we take a tour of the prescribed location so that we can get a gist of the entire setting and formulate our thought processes and ideas. This will also help us look at the various fire safety equipment currently available within the building and identify any lacking or shortage that needs to be taken care of.

Once our view is made, we take a look at your perspective. This requires you to fill in a questionnaire that details what you feel is important in the plan as no one knows your site better than you do, being the one associated with it. Once this is done, the information gathered by our valuable clients is used to create a text version of what the safety plan will entail. This focuses on a description and outline of how the illustrated plan will be worked on. Thereafter, the information retrieved and written down is digitized or AutoCAD drawings are used to create an illustrated version of the text. This complies with the safety standards provided by the Vancouver Fire Safety Department.

Then, a draft is sent to our clients to be reviewed and for confirmation and approval of the planning. A hard copy and soft copy is also sent to the local fire department to get the final thumbs up verdict of its technique. To put the plan into action, plaque cards are used to label important safety information such as emergency exits, symbols and signs. These are placed on each floor, usually near the stair case or elevator.
Procedure schematics may also be sent to the local fire department if required. Our firm then takes the full responsibility of ensuring that the plan meets all the standards necessitated and is hence, sent back to you with the approval of the fire department and their issue of an approval letter alongside. They may also send a copy of their own.

In the case that you have requested us to provide you with fire extinguishers and/or fire safety plan boxes, our consultant especially organizes the parts for you and sends them, or reserves a technician to install the materials at your premises. We follow Vancouver Fire’s strict quality assurance measures wholeheartedly and our intricate planning protocol is one of perfect examples of that.

Components of a Fire Safety Plan

A well-designed safety plan comprises of comprehensive, complete information about your construction and emergency procedures that work and are easy to understand. Our fire safety plans contain the following important requisites:

1. A thorough audit of the building that is under consideration,
2. Proper documentation of all the human resources and building resources,
3. All the relevant information of the fire safety department and their firefighting data,
4. The emergency protocol that needs to be followed by the occupants of the building in case of an emergency,
5. Fire Drill Practice procedures and records
6. Maintenance checks on a regular basis for the building’s fire protection materials.
7. Methods for controlling fire hazards in the buildings
8. Alternative plans for evacuation and meeting safety requirements for the building occupants and
9. Schematic plans for each building floor and site plans.


Moreover, at ‘Get Fire Plan’, we always make sure that the safety plan designed for you conforms to all the applicable fire codes and bylaws. Work is done hand in hand with your local fire department to make sure it is in line with their approved practices and standard requirements.

Our Range of Services

We offer you a wide range of services at Get Fire Plan. Everything we do is to ensure that you get the reliable fire and Safety and Fire and Security Services that you need to not only make your location legally secure in the eyes of the province, but also to go that extra mile to harness the importance of providing your loved ones, workers and other citizens you have an affiliation with, the positive environment in which they can work without being afraid and work to their full potential.


Our fire protection company offers excellent safety and security services especially for commercial and industrial customers under the NFPA 1006 and NFPA 1670 certifications as well as for residential building managers, home owners and those affiliated with construction property. Some of our various fire suppression services include the following

  • Proper assessment of site and hazardous objects within the premises
  • Development of a rescue plan
  • On ground support
  • On site and off site standby services
  • Creating health and safety manuals, procedures and policies
  • Maintenance and installation of high-temperature cooling suit equipment and services
  • Extensive line of protection equipment
  • The installation of automatic fire suppression systems for industrial and commercial purposes
  • The installation and service provision of fire sprinklers for industrial and commercial purposes
  • Routine and frequent fire alarm inspections, alarm setups and fire alarm safety information sessions

At Get Fire Plan, we have a 5 step process in place to ensure that no aspect of a full treatment of your safety needs goes unnoticed or unworked upon. We first install the products that you need within the range of our fire suppression system. Then we work on inspecting the equipment to make sure it is running properly and the building to ensure that no part of it is lacking the protection equipment.

Then begins the process of monitoring which allows for routine checkups to ensure all the equipment and processes are running smoothly and up to the mark and standards. After that, we work on existing plans and developing new plans that are compliant to new standards and parameters set by the West Vancouver Fire Safety Department. The planning takes place by our experts in the field of fire safety in consultation with your local fire department. The final step is the training we provide.

We at Get Fire Plan believe that all equipment and processes are incomplete unless the people involved are aware of how they are used. Hence, we have set this step to conclude our entire fire safety service provision. We train all the managers, workers, residents or constructers involved to the proper evacuation procedures, the way to use the equipment installed on their site and inform them of the location of operation boxes so as to minimize the hassle and panic that can arise in such an emergency setting.

Why we’re the best for you!

If you’re in search of the best and most reliable fire safety company providing fire safety services, then search no more! We at ‘Get Fire Plan’ are here as a complete fire protection company to provide you with top of the line, exceptional services. We are professionals in the field and we make sure that all our planning is undertaken by licensed, competent and fully trained technicians to serve all your fire protection needs.

We offer you everything you could ever need to ensure complete safety in your building including fire suppression systems, fire safety equipment, fire safety systems, fire monitoring, fire protection installments, fire safety plans, fire protection inspections and last but not the least, fire safety training. Our priority is going beyond the customer’s own expectations in providing services that give real value for money. At Get Fire Plan, we try to make your burden our own and enable you access to plans that are not only highly efficient, but also very simple and easy to follow.  We offer all the essential Fire, Life Safety & Protection services in-house, enabling one sole point of contact for our valuable customers.

Whether we’re dealing with a residential plot, commercial space or industrial land, we’ve got solutions tailored to fit your exact requirements. Get Fire Plan targets the complete protection of you, your property and all the occupants of your property be they household members or employees and labor. For this purpose, we utilize the finest equipment in the market which includes fire alarms, fire hydrants, fire sprinklers, fire pumps, suppression systems, standpipe systems, exit signs and emergency lighting system; everything and anything that can come in handy in such unforeseen instances. We are the known to be the best in Vancouver, British Columbia and one reason for our popularity is the provision of the best fire safety equipment, fire services and fire protection services.


We believe that innovation and a holistic approach to fire safety is the real key to development in human safety and protection of valuable lives. The internal dynamics of our firm operate in an outgoing and friendly environment. Our corporate culture revolves around ethical practices and we specialize in executing a moral framework. We understand the value you attach to the protection of employees just as we do to our own. We believe that until and unless employees feel that they are working in a safe and secure environment, they cannot operate in a manner that maximizes their potential. If you’re a business owner or manager, nothing is more important than earning the trust of your employees that you’ll keep them safe. This is the reason our special focus is on recruiting the most highly trained and experienced fire protection technicians and experts who are dedicated and always prepared to guard you from any type of fire outbreak or emergency. This is the actual pathway to success in today’s world.

Hence, we surpass all the expectations our clients hold and all the requests they make. The outbreak of a fire is one of the most dangerous and sudden mishaps that can put you, other people and the entire organization in risk and danger within moments of its occurrence. This is why it is extremely important that plans are in place, drills are practices often and all the stakeholders know and are aware of the procedures to follow, the equipment to use and where it is i.e. the ‘Operations box’ as specifically described the Vancouver Fire Safety Department. By being properly informed, during the event of mishap, the occupants will not create as much panic, hassle and chaos as they are pre-informed of the procedures to follow, where to exit and the manner of exit being an organized line.

If you have been required by the West Vancouver Fire Safety Department to draw up a new plan in line with the new standards and metrics set, then get in touch with us! We never disappoint! Our comprehensive safety-related services are unmatched in the industry. We will develop a safety program tailored to your specific needs and train your team to maintain a safe workplace should such a critical incidence ever arise.
Call us now and we will come in to your site for a full and thorough assessment of the setting, location, neighborhood, local fire department and everything else that needs to be looked into to develop a proper plan.

Customer Services

For us, the customer is always right! Being one of the leading fire protection firms in all of West Vancouver, we believe that our success is truly attributable to our valuable clientele. For this purpose, we have especially designed a team of well qualified personnel to take care of all of the needs of our customers. Our customer service department truly values and considers each aspect of our customers’ needs. The team is here to take all of your business and emergency calls. Our team at Get Fire & Safety Inc. not only meets, but also exceeds all of the NFPA 1006 and NFPA 1670 certification requirements in a manner that ensures your maximum safety so that you can sleep easier at night. So, give us the chance to make you another satisfied customer!

Working Hand in Hand with West Vancouver Fire Safety Department

We look up to West Vancouver Fire Safety Department as a guide to provide us with instructions and standards for safety to follow that are conform to international standards and are also applicable to the local structures and designs. Hence, we work under the umbrella of the safety requirements given to us by the West Vancouver Fire Safety Department which exerts efforts to minimize the harm and danger of emergency fire incidents through preventive tactics and measures taken to define the criteria of safety measures for all constructs, buildings and homes.

At Get Fire Plan, we aim to make the compliance of these safety standards easier for all proprietors by taking the responsibility of their safety in our own hands. We specialize in the development of plans for all types of properties including commercial, retail, restaurant, hotel & motel, apartment & condos and construction fire planning. Each plan has its own stakeholders, its own physical standings and its own architectural confinements.


We understand that West Vancouver has revised the planning standards for all property holdings in West Vancouver and we hold to abide by these newly formed regulations in developing and creating new plans that are up to these regulations. Hence, for all those property owners that have received an order from the department to update their fire safety plans, they should contact us for support in the matter. Our experts fall in the list of the approved fire safety planners which enlists all the vendors approved by West Vancouver Fire and Rescue.

We take the complete charge of making sure the final plan gets approved by the final decision makers as it undergoes the review process as well as meets the deadlines provided by the department for the end of next year.

Contact us now!

Check out our page testimonials to get an idea of our clientele recommendations for our services. We make sure to never disappoint. Our office is located at main Richard Street, easily accessible to all in the district. We are also available through leaving a message on our page, email and calling us on our toll-free number. Contact us now so we can begin immediately with the assessment of site and start preparing a strategy to meet your needs. We are always available for our valuable customers be it in person, on call or through email.


We believe that prevention is always better than cure. We work to prevent the danger and the life-risking phenomenon that can arise in such emergencies. The value of human life is understood by us and we want to ensure that everyone in West Vancouver can live and work in a comfortable and safe environment no matter where they are. Hence, we develop strategies that not only target the masses but are also tailored to individual building needs. Once the plan is developed, it is not the end of it. W make sure it is consistently followed by all stakeholders and everyone is kept in a protected setting.

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